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    Raid 1 issue with Intel rapid storage controller in Centos


      Hi All,


        I have purchased a Dell powerEdge T20 rack server recently with 1TB SATA and bought another SATA of 1TB too. I have tried to configure raid1 array with the Intel Rapid storage raid controller after enabling RAID ON mode in the configuration. Then I have installed Centos 6.5 from a bootable USB and changed the boot order to 'Intel Volume' (i.e harddisk boot). But after reboot a black screen appears and it shows as 'Hard disk error' .  I have entered to the raid configuration utility by pressing CTRL + I and the raid array was showing as "Initialize" state. Then I have selected the ' reset to non RAID disks' options and booted Centos 6.5 from the hard disk, it has booted without any issues. Don't Intel rapid storage @controller have any supported drivers for any Centos versions? What is the issue? Any ideas? Ideas appreciated.  Thank you!