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    Intel Skull NUC Random Freeze and restarts.


      This is in continuation with my original question .


      Skull Canyon Random freeze while shutting down.


      My PC hangs after using it for 4-5 hours. I run custom applications. and when i try to shut down, the Display goes off. The CPU never goes off.

      Tried the shutdown method provided in the above thread but no luck. The CPU never gets shut down. Tried for 45 minutes.. Yes. 45 Min.


      The CPU never went down. Display goes off but CPU doesnt go off. Tried holding the Power switch for 2, 3, 4, 5, and till 10 seconds and tried releasing. But no luck. The PC didnt shutdown. and was forced to take the ultimate approach. Pulling off the power. Was rattling from inside to pull the power off but there was no other choice.


      Second Issue

      PC Restarts automatically, when working. I really do not know, why and when this happens. But it happens. The system goes down automatically when working and starts immediately. All applications running are closed automatically including applications like Eclipse. Which actually prompt when you exit. I get no message. Display goes off and the PC restart screen displays in a flash. And i am going nuts ....


      I somehow started to believe that i did a mistake by buying Intel's top of the line machine which isn't completly ready. After reading threads like the one

      below, i trusted the Intel product blindly.

      NUC6i7KYK Skull Canyon NUC runs HOT!