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    Artificial Lipreading System help


      Hi everyone,

      We are a group of senior engineering students who are considering the utilization of an Intel RealSense camera for our final year capstone project, which we will present to audiences from academia, industry, and the general public. Our project aims to utilize depth stream data and machine learning to recognize letters articulated by the user i.e. an artificial lipreading system. For the project to be successful, we need a sensor that can provide high-quality facial feature depth data to accurately and precisely differentiate all articulation patterns.

      In light of this, could anyone tell us if Intel RealSense can meet the requirements of the aforementioned project? If so, which model would be best suited for our needs? Please provide details as to how it can do so and, if possible, please send us detailed specifications, user guides, or any supporting documentation to help us make an informed decision. Finally, if Intel offers educational discounts for university students, please let us know if we can avail of them.

      Thank you and we look forward to your response.