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    Boot problem D410PT with UBUNTU



      I am so sorry for twice posted message, but I probably have made an mistake when post this message in http://communities.intel.com/thread/10805?tstart=0

      Any way the problem is:

      I am using the Intel boards D945GCLF model in my manufacture. The operation system work with it is UBUNTU 9.04 or 9.10. Last time I was buy the new board D410PT model. I has tried to install the same way this OS, but have a problem: system doesn`t boot at all -- it`s stopped at BIOS POST with code 66 (boot device is USB stick with liveCD installed on it). When I try to boot with external USB DVD drive (with the sane liveCD) -- it`s all right. System boot up and then I initiate install process to an USB stick. After process finished, I try to boot from these USB stick and have the same problem (BIOS stopped at POST). I was try to change BIOS settings such as "Hard disk Pre-Delay", "Configure SATA as", "USB Legacy", "UEFI boot", "USB Mass Storage Emulation Type" and some else in diffrent combinations, but whole a have, this is the changes in BIOS POST codes when boot process is stopped (I saw 66, 65, 95 and 5A codes).

      Is this problem solveable?

      BIOS versions I am experimented is 0155 and 0159.

      Sorry for my English, look at the nick name