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    NUC6i7KYK extended desktop issue/graphics driver with extended desktop


      I have 3 monitors attached to my NUC6i7KYK,  Each monitor is the same ASUS VS248 using the hdmi port either direct, through a mini dp to hdmi cable or using a usb-c to hdmi adapter.  Each monitor is set to 1920x1080 at 60hz.  The hdmi port on the nuc is the main monitor.  I have Windows 10 AU and am using the Extended Desktop setting for the displays.


      The issue I am having is that when the NUC sleeps, all open windows on the two extended desktop monitors are pushed onto the main monitor.  That means that every time wake the NUC up, I need to reconfigure all open applications.


      I believe this is a driver issue as it seems that upon sleep, windows is moving the open windows from the extended displays onto the main display before entering sleep.  When woken up, the monitors reconnect, but the windows are NOT repositioned.  If I don't sleep the system, there is never a problem.


      Anyone else seeing this issue?  What can be done to fix it?