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    Help! i5-4690k Usage always at 100%


      Specs:  CPU i5-4690k

                  GPU: GTX 960 4gb

                   Motherboard: ASROCK H97mPro 4

                  RAM: 12 gb

                 PSU: 650 Watt

                 OS: Windows 10


      Ok so lately I have been having alot of issues regarding stuttering and lag in game. So I went to task manager and the MSI Afterburner app and noticed that all 4 cores are at 100%usage. So I immediately suspected maleware, so I ran 3 different sources of anti virus ( Malwarebytes, Windows Defender, Avast), but nothing showed up on the scan. This also occurs when I have the bare minimum services and processes active, it jumps to about 90-100% usage. My temps are fine and never reach above 40 Cs.  I cant seem to find what the issue is. I am covered until 2019 for CPU warranty. Will intel replace it with a new one? Or can you guys help me fix the issue