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    Lenovo M83 video issue


      Hi everyone,


      I'm using Lenovo M83 tiny PC with an Intel 4600 graphic card. I have connected 2 different screens to this PC by using HDMI and DP outputs. 

      I'm using this PC to run 2 FullHD videos on these screens. At the bottom of first video there is a crawling text which goes from right to left, and it doesn't go smooth. It 'stutters'. When just one screen is used, crawl goes smooth.

      I've noticed that CPU goes high when both videos are running. Btw, I'm using Scala Player (Digital Signage solution) to run these videos.


      Graphic driver version:

      Is there something which can be done to tweak the CPU, GPU, memory, to get better graphic performance from this PC?


      Thanks for help!