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    Is Win7 19.20.0 software download really 19.10.0?


      I have a retail Intel AC-7260 adapter that is working OK under Windows 7 and software 19.10.0. I just downloaded the 64-bit 19.20.0 driver and software package




      from September 20 and the MD5 of the downloaded installer checks out. I installed (upgraded to) this 19.20.0, but after installation the connection utility (Help -> About...) shows the version still as

      I then uninstalled this 19.20.0, then clean-installed the 19.20.0 I downloaded, but the version still shows as in the connection utility.

      Has this happened to anyone else? Did I do something wrong? (I doubt it since I've successfully upgraded this software/driver many times over the last 2 years or so.)

      Is the installer on the download page above really 19.10.0 instead of 19.20.0? (And yes, I know the Win7 driver is still at version, but I'm talking about the overall software level in the connection utility via Help -> About...)