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    would my motherboard fry my intel CPU or vice versa?




      I've recently replaced by motherboard. The new board is Asus H61M-K. I guess the chipset is H61 from the model name of the board.

      My CPU is Intel i5 2400 @3.1 in which the TDP is 95W according to Intel's specification. Unfortunately this H61 board supports only CPU up to 77W, according to Asus official specification.


      Yes I cannot find my CPU on the list of supported CPU for that board. However, they are now working and running the windows 10 now.


      In that case, over time, would my CPU be more likely fry my motherboard because it generates more power than the motherboard can support?


      Or would my motherboard fry my CPU vice versa?



      Someone on other forums advises me to "undervolt" my CPU so as to prevent too much power delivered to the motherboard. Will that work?


      So now, what can I do to avoid or reduce further damage to the motherboard or CPU now?


      I do not have GPU installed and my power supply is 550w which should provide enough juice to all the hardware.