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    How to trigger Intel ReadyMode?


      I would like to leverage Intel ReadyMode for my NUC, I have downloaded and installed the application on my Windows 10 box, I can't figure out how to trigger it.


      I have it enabled in the app, is that it? Is there any indication that the PC has reached the lower power stage of ReadyMode?


      I tried in ernest to look for documentation on this, but all I found was Marketing material.

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          I did some trial and error and understand this now.


          ReadyMode replaces the Sleep mode. Whenever you ask Windows to put your PC to sleep (either by a timer or manually), the system will instead go to ReadyMode.


          There's a setting in BIOS to change the power/blinking behavior of the power button in ReadyMode, so that you can easily know whether the PC is awake, in ReadyMode or Sleep.


          1. SMB file sharing works. I can access files via SMB mapped drives from other PCs while my NUC is in ReadyMode

          2. Deluge Daemon works

          3. Using teamviewer, as soon as I connect, the NUC comes out of ReadyMode.


          So far I like what I am seeing, I just don't understand how everything (including un-supported programs) work in Ready-mode.