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    Intel graphics driver for Skull Canyon needs update - see Skyrim SE issue



      as much as I was pleased wit the NUC on Civ 6. I must say we have a issue on in Skyrim Special Edition (october released remaster) the issue is the same as on HD 530 see video Intel HD Graphics 530 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (Remastered) Test - YouTube

      While on the 4400 it work without this problem

      Obviously a driver issue, which is sad as first off all the Skull Canyon is marketed as a gaming NUC, and let me tell you the frame rate is really playable even with high settings, but the shadows, gray flickering is killing it. Please not that even the latest driver Intel Iris/HD Graphics Driver Beta 64-bit

      is not solving it, well I guess it now comes to how fast can Intel respond, and give a update, obviously its needed.

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