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    intel ssd toolbox v3.4.0 buggy




      I have a i750 400 GB installed on my ASUS Sabertooth X99 machine and some others SSDs (Intel 320, Samsung 950 PRO, Samsung 840 PRO RAID 0, Samsung 850 PRO RAID 0).

      i750 is used as a pure data drive for Backups of my SSD System Disk W10 x64 v1607 Build 14393.351.

      I have updated recently  the Intel SSD Toolbox to v3.4.0.


      I observe this new version is STRONGLY BUGGY:

      1) Intel SSD Toolbox detects an Intel SSD 750 Series 1To !! This product does not exist at Intel catalogue ! This product is not installed on my PC !!


      2) In fact SSD Toolbox does a confusion with a SAMSUNG 850 PRO 1To SSD with is a member of a RAID 0 Volume.


      Here are 2 Intel SSD Toolbox screenshots and one HWINFO64 screenshot showing the SSDs structure.


      Intel SSD Toolbox is TOTALLY out of the scope when a machine has one or several RAID 0  Array(s)  installed.