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    Hang when installing PCI Express Root Port 294A INF

      Hi all,


      My apologies if this is the wrong place for this question. I've not been able to find the right place.


      I have a ASUS P5K motherboard, not overclocked, Q9650 processor, 4 GB matched Corsair RAM, Win XP Pro SP3. When installing the Intel Chipset Software INF V9111019 .ZIP file (sorry, I have low vision, I am not sure where the punctuation goes in those numbers) the install hangs forever when trying to place the Intel ICH9 Family PCI Express Port Root 6 - 294A INF file. Looking at the process, it's stuck in "Wait:WrLpc" (there may be more letters after the "WrLpc, apologies) according to SysInternals Process Explorer. Killing the installation process results in missing devices, incredibly high DPC counts, spontaneous reboots, and system freezes ranging from a few seconds to forever. I've tried to "roll back" the "driver" in Device Manager as well as "Last Known Good" settings at boot time and picking a system restore point from a long time ago. (This is on XP, so we all know how well that didn't work, sigh.) Same problem when trying to install via Safe mode.


      Any ideas about how to proceed from here would very welcome. Can I just delete the C:\Windows\INF directory entries that refer to PCI Express? I'd expect DriverBackup to have the "bad" version by now.


      What about taking the very old INF files and installing via command-line with "-overwrite" or whatever that option is called?


      Are there mods to the INF file (I don't know the name of the file) that can prevent the hang? Why the heck would it hang? (I can think of lots of reasons for a *graphics* INF to hang, usually missing monitor/other subsystem INF files) but this is a root PCI Express port.


      Thanks in advance,

      dan davison