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    Intel SSD 535 480GB write amplification problem.


      Hi All,


      I checked the other day my ssd without much attention because I have Intel SSD since the X-25 M, they are the best right?

      But no, this time my attention was caught by over 120 TB of total NAND writes. I implemented the OS service described in another thread with some improvement (to be seen), but i think this is a warranty problem.

      Can someone from Intel describe the procedure I should follow to change the ssd. My ssd warranty expires in 2021, it will not last for sure until then and I don't want to loose my windows activation (upgraded from windows 7 when it was free) or my data.


      I am waiting for a Intel response, please.


      P.S. Now I have to tell all my friends that my recommendation was wrong, I really hope this can be solved somehow. How can I recommend Intel SSD in the future for servers or PCs when something like this can happen. I have servers that write 100GB per day on ssd, on this kind of write amplification (43) the ssd would last 6 months maximum (750TB). I hope the server ssd versions are better.