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    video driver uses way more CPU


      I stream video and record it with a screen grabber so I can watch when I'm away from signal. Used to work fine. With a newer driver the system can't keep up and recording misses a lot and eventually heat limitations slow the processor. (Yes, I can set it on a cooling fan to avoid that but I just wanted to give the idea how hard this thing is working. Never gets too hot otherwise.) If I delete the graphic card in Device Manager, which forces it to the default Windows driver, then it works fine again, until Windows insists on reinstalling the current driver. Same if I roll back the driver, which rolls back to the Windows default.


      I work in IT and have done a lot of debugging and everything possible to reduce load on the system so it can keep up. The key is the newer driver is a problem.


      Has Intel just failed to make a good driver? Or are there aspects about this driver that make it work harder, which maybe there's a way to turn off unneeded features? Even if anybody knows a way to stop windows reinstalling the current driver (anyone? I don't think there is) Intel should still make a driver that does better than this.




      Win 10 Pro (v1607)

      i5 (520M)

      Intel HD graphics

      driver Intel

      Dell Latitude E6410

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          Don't know why your antiquated driver works better on your rig, but to prevent updates there is a guide at Microsoft:

          How to temporarily prevent a driver update from reinstalling in Windows 10

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Thank you very much to Stefan3D for the information posted previously.
            To Techontop:
            In this case the best option will be to try the steps above, once you find the driver that works properly on your laptop, follow the steps on the link provided previously, to disable Windows driver updates.
            I looked in our web site, but for this specific model of processor there are no drivers available, as you can confirm on the link below:
            So, disabling the Windows driver updates should fix the problem.
            Any questions, please let me know.

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              Glad to see MS is relenting a little on the forced-updates thing.

              I did try a driver from Dell that is confusing a slightly higher rev but for Win7-64. The installer says it went in, Device Manager says not. I'll have to try it to see if there's any difference.

              There's also an older driver from Intel. Older by date but much higher in rev number. Must be some different series. Something else to try if Windows will let it.

              Oddly the Intel driver and rev that Device Manager reports is not available here. Only the older initial release driver.

              Looks like I will have to bounce back and forth to the default driver as needed. Works fine, records much better than the newer one, but is so crude it disables the system's ability to sleep.

              I realize this is an old processor by now, but is there anyway to give Intel feedback that it's so much less efficient than the default? Odd that it would be.