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    HELP set up galileo


      I just got an unopened intel Galileo (Gen 1) and do not have a serial cable. I wan't to install the "big" linux image. so i downloaded it from Downloads for the Intel® Galileo Board | Intel® Software  and installed it and everything. with no OS on my micro sd card i was able to upload a sketch using Arduino that would enable telnet. i was able to access the terminal, But eith this bigger image i am not able to connect to the terminal using telnet


      also the galileo tutorial (IoT - Step 1: Make a bootable micro SD card | Intel® Software ) said there would be boot, firmware, win-driver, and bzimage on the sd card. but all i see is boot and bzimage. i do not know if this is causing the problem.


      I also read on Galileo Getting Started Guide - learn.sparkfun.com  that you need a smaller image that is simply dragged to the sd card but no matter where i go i can not fing this image.


      PLEASE HELP. all i want to do is use my PCI Wifi card