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    i5-6600k performance issue


      I bought all the pieces and built my own pc less than a month ago, including this i5-6600k processor.

      I am having 10 - 20% cpu usage when I am just sitting on desktop, but if I watch a video or a stream on chrome, my CPU usage rises to nearly 100%. I am using 2 monitors atm, but i cannot watch any videos while playing due to 100% cpu usage (i get stuttering and fps drops). In BF1 my cpu usage never goes under 95%, usually sits at 100%. I sometimes get stuttering / huge lags, and my gpu usage is never over 30%. I have watched some videos where people play bf1 with worse gpu and the same processor and have over 80fps. I rarely get over 40. If i try to install new drivers, it says that "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software." even though I have made sure that I have the right driver, win10, 64 bit and it was for i5-6600k.  The intel driver update utility software doesn't find any drivers for my products either.

      Right now I feel very bad cause my old i3-4330 worked better than my brand new i5-6600k. Any ideas would be appreciated.





      windows 10


      geforce gtx 1060 6gb

      16gb ddr 4 ram

      asrock z170a motherboard,

      2x 500gb samsung evo 850 SSD