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    I can't display to a second monitor. Can anyone help?


      My computer doesn't "detect another display" (won't display to a second monitor). My second display option worked fine used to work fine until I upgraded to Window 10.


      I checked the Windows forum and tried the following and found that quite a few people have had this problem after upgrading to Windows 10. I tried a few of the fixes suggested:

      • checking device manager>display adaptors> update driver software. Result: all up to date (Intel HD graphics 5300). No change.
      • installing "the latest Intel Graphics driver (version" from https://communities.intel.com/thread/81511. No change.
      • downloading the Nvidia driver for Windows 10. No change.


      When I check the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel>Display>Multiple Displays there are two options:

      • Select Display Mode: only 'Single Display' is shown
      • Select One or More Active Displays: the only option is 'Built-in Display'


      I'm running an Intel Core M-5Y10c processor with HDMI connection.


      Can anyone help?