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    compile c/c++ source code on laptop, upload and run executable on Edison


      I'd like to compile c/c++ source code on my laptop (Windows 7), then upload the executable onto the Edison and run it on the Edison without the source code ever being on the Edison.


      I was hoping to be able to handle it as described above instead of compiling on the Edison and then deleting the source code.


      I've made some attempts to no avail thus far. I compiled a c++ HelloWorld program with "g++ HelloWorld.cpp -o HelloWorld", copied the executable to the Edison, set its permissions to 777 and tried running it with "./HelloWorld" at the Edison command prompt (and even "./HelloWorld.exe").


      Got the error message: -sh: ./HelloWorldTest.exe: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error


      Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I'm looking for info on cross-compiling? Kind of a newbie...