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    E7600 new or used ?


      Hi to All


      I have buy at online Germany hardware reseller a boxed CPU E7600


      When I have open the box I have Seen this :

      the bottom of CPU and some lga pad are notched.



      This is a new processor or used ?


      Thanks !

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          sorry I have understood that this forum do not support tag IMAGE

          I have upload the image a this url :



          The question, boxed CPU Intel (before assembling on the mainboard) have sign of pins on Land Array as mine ?

          (in every cases the seal of box were intact)

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            Considering there is indentations to the pads, I'd say it was used?

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              also I had thought this..

              (mine others new boxed processor have not this dots)

              but technical service says :

              "I would like to let you know that this little dots are expected it does not mean by any way that the processor have been used, this is a new processor and that is how new a processor should look."


              perhaps the dots are caused from the factory test.

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                If your processor came in a sealed box you should not worry. Im not able to see your pictures at work, but I know that processors are tested in the factory and that you may see some signs, but you should not be worried about them.


                They are several security features on the boxed processors, the sticker on the box that seals it and the clamshell, if both of them where intact then your processor has never been used (besides Intel(R) test)