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    Access to the Intel® vPro™ Web UI with Active Directory User IDs


      My problem is:

      When I attempt to log
      on to the Intel AMT WebUI using a web browser,
      the logon box prompts for a domain-based credential (domain\user with
      associated password). The same credentials work correctly with VNC Viewer.
      When I Deselect the IE option Enable Integrated Windows

      I am able to log with the admin and the mebx password. I want use the
      active directory for  Web Ui authentication.


      My computer settings:

      Windows 8.1 and IE11

      My SCSnsole
      version 11 

      My amt version 9.1.20 intel


      I look this kb http://support.microsoft.com/kb/908209 but is a very old kb.


      Some people can help me