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    Troubleshooting Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 2630-QM 2Ghz  - After installing Sandy CPU in to the Ivy chipset - full speed fan




      I have a problem with my notebook HP Probook 450 G0 . My chipset is Ivy bridge, but installed cpu is Sandy bridge. I try update BIOS, install new graphics HD3000 driver but nothing helps. So please help me, because I really love Intel(R) products.


      My specs: (in system information I see 'Temperature sensor - Not Supported')


      System Name:HP ProBook 450 G0
      Processor Name:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
      BIOS Name:68IRF Ver. F.63
      Video card Name:Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
      Installed Memory:4,00 GB
      Number of Installed Programs:298
      Number of Running Processes:87
      Internet Explorer Version:11.0.9600.18500
      DirectX Version:DirectX 11
      .NET Framework Version:


      Physical Processors:1
      Logical Processors:8
      Name:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
      Description:Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
      Frequency:1995 MHz
      External Clock Frequency:100 MHz
      Processor ID:BFEBFBFF - 000206A7
      L1 Data Cache:4 x 32 KB
      L1 Instruction Cache:4 x 32 KB
      L2 Cache:2 x 256 KB
      L3 Cache:6 MB
      Number of Cores:4
      APIC ID:0
      Address Width:64 bit
      Data Width:64 bit
      Socket Designation:U3E1
      x87 FPU on Chip:Supported
      Virtual-8086 Mode Enhancement:Supported
      Debugging Extensions:Supported
      Page Size Extensions:Supported
      Time Stamp Counter:Supported
      RDMSR and WRMSR Support:Supported
      Physical Address Extensions:Supported
      Machine Check Exception:Supported
      CMPXCHG8B Inst.:Supported
      APIC on Chip:Supported
      SYSENTER and SYSEXIT:Supported
      Memory Type Range Registers:Supported
      PTE Global Bit:Supported
      Machine Check Architecture:Supported
      Conditional Move/Compare Instruction:Supported
      Page Attribute Table:Supported
      36-bit Page Size Extension:Supported
      Processor Serial Number:Not Supported
      CFLUSH Instruction:Supported
      Debug Store:Supported
      Thermal Monitor and Clock Ctrl:Supported
      MMX Technology:Supported
      SSE Extensions:Supported
      SSE2 Extensions:Supported
      Self Snoop:Supported
      Thermal Monitor:Supported
      Intel Itanium architecture:Supported
      Pend. Brk. En.:Supported
      SSE3 New Instructions:Supported
      CPL Qualified Debug Store:Supported
      Virtual Machine Extensions:Supported
      Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology:Supported
      Thermal Monitor 2:Supported
      Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3:Supported
      L1 Context ID:Not Supported
      CMPXCHG16B Support:Supported
      xTPR Update Control:Supported
      Perf/Debug Capability MSR:Supported
      SSE4.1 Extensions:Supported
      SSE4.2 Extensions:Supported
      POPCNT Instruction Support:Supported
      SYSCALL/SYSRET available in 64-bit mode:Not Supported
      Execute Disable Bit available:Supported
      Extensions to MMX instructions:Not Supported
      FFXSR:Not Supported
      1GB page support:Not Supported
      RDTSCP Support:Supported
      Long Mode: 64-bit Technology available:Supported
      3DnowExt:Not Supported
      3Dnow! instructions:Not Supported
      LAHF/SAHF available in 64-bit mode:Supported
      Core multi-processing legacy mode:Not Supported
      Secure Virtual Machine:Not Supported
      Extended APIC Register Space:Not Supported
      AltMovCr8:Not Supported
      Advanced bit manipulation:Not Supported
      SSE4A Instruction Support:Not Supported
      Misaligned SSE Support Mode:Not Supported
      3DNowPrefetch:Not Supported
      OS visible workaround:Not Supported
      Instruction based sampling:Not Supported
      SSE5 instruction support:Not Supported
      SKINIT and DEV support:Not Supported
      Watchdog timer support:Not Supported
      Temperature sensor:Not Supported
      Frequency ID control:Not Supported
      Voltage ID control:Not Supported
      THERMTRIP:Not Supported
      Hardware thermal control.:Not Supported
      Software thermal control.:Not Supported
      100 Mhz multiplier control.:Not Supported
      Hardware P-State control:Not Supported
      Version:KBC Version 90.0F
      Serial Number:PDQUE1A2D5Q195
      Name:68IRF Ver. F.63
      Version:68IRF Ver. F.63
      Copyright:HPQOEM - F
      Size:5 120 KB
      Device Locator:Bottom-Slot 2(under)
      Bank Label:BANK 2
      Serial Number:13AD8C01
      Part Number:M471B5173QH0-YK0
      Type Detail:Synchronous
      Form Factor:SODIMM
      Data Width:64 bit
      Total Width:64 bit
      Capacity:4 096 MB
      Speed:1 600 MHz