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    DX58SO + i7-920 : no image


      Hi everyone!  I am trying to build my new rig obtained thru the marvelous retailedge advantages, but I am unable to make it work:



      DX58SO (version 503, so should be ok with processor)

      i7-920  (SLBEJ)

      Corsair TX750W (should be overkill there)

      DDR3 from Kingston (6Gb)

      ASUS 5850 graphic card.



      Upon power-on, the unit will boot for 3-4 seconds and shut down.  No image.

      By itself, it will restart after a second or two, and boot, but I got no image on monitor. No BIOS, nothing.

      Hard drive blue LED on board will light for a few seconds and stop. (no OS installed yet for obvious reason!)

      All fans are running properly.


      Things I tried:

      Verified wirings (power on all locations required by boards)

      Removed memory (three beeps can be heard)

      Verified graphic card on another computer (works fine)




      1- Why the double boot?

      2- Why the no image?


      Anyone got answers?  I love playing in the computers, and I love a good challenge, but I am somewhat stumped on this one. Have I forgotten something simple?  Have I got a defective part?


      Thanks in advance,