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    Broken Driver (Windows 10, i5-4210M, HD 4600)


      Edit: This seems to be the same problem as HD 4600 none existent monitors


      After the recent Windows Update I wasn't able to connect any secondary screens anymore.

      The display setup shows 5 displays, from which 4 do not exist.

      Also I couldn't open the Intel Graphics Control Panel.


      I had to go back to and now have regained all functionality. Reinstalling 4501 did not fix the problem .

      I also disabled the automatic update of hardware drivers.


      My system:

      MB: LENOVO Ginkgo 7A1

      CPU: i5-4210M

      Laptop Model: Lenovo G710

      Internal Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600

      No External Graphics Card.

      OS: Windows 10 Pro (Version: 1607; Build: 14393.351)


      Please keep me updated when this is going to be fixed.