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    Connecting to wireless using CKIP on Windows 7




      I'm struggling to find how to connect my laptop to the work wireless.  We use CKIP and LEAP, but i cant find any option to use CKIP.  I have the latest drivers and the latest version of Pro/Set connection utility.  the old XP connection utility worked a charm, all the options were there and easy to see, can anyone help?

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          I also have this issue and been trying to sort it out for three months, without luck... we use a cisco wireless network in the office and the problem with the new intel software is that when I try to save the profile I get an error message saying 'an internal database error occurred when saving / updating the profile' The settings I am trying to use is 'Enterprise Security', 802.1x enabled,LEAP, CKIP andOpen for Network Authenticiation... this has been driving me crazy. Other profiles save fine, like for example my home wireless network... no problem with that one. Now you can use the windows 7 wireless setup, but it does not let you set the authentification to open, it forces you to use WEP when 802.1x is selected... I hope someone has an answer to this. Steve

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            Just tried the new drivers and application software from Intel, it does not fix this specific issue....