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    i6700k running hot at idle and load


      I just upgraded my cpu to the above model and installed it with a new all in one liquid cooler.


      I noticed immediately the idle and loads temperatures were much to high.


      I have turned off turbo and is set to clock speeds.


      The previous cpu (i5 6500 + stock cooler) always sat in the low 20s, this one sits around 40 at idle with all OC and turbo off.


      I tried fitting the stock cooler in case the new liquid cooler was faulty but temperatures remained the same.


      Launching any desktop app causes the temps to shoot up to 60+


      Launching any gaming software and the CPU is hitting 100.


      I have downloaded and run the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool which failed, report attached.


      Have also attaced a snapshot of CPUID at absolute minimum idle and when IPDT load test fails.


      Don't know what else to try, CPU is entirely at stock levels with turbo off and tested with different cooling options.


      Suggestions are very welcome.