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    Sudden drive failure in RAID 5, can't rebuild


      I have a 6 drive array with RAID5. One of the drives failed outright. When I booted up this morning, it wasn't even registering. I've plugged it into other ports and it's just gone. That caused the RAID to return as failed. I put in another drive - this one is considerably larger than the others. I want to rebuild the array so I can pull my data off there. I was working on a project and I don't have a recent backup for several of the assets.


      There is no option in the Intel RST to restore to another drive. It sees the new drive it its spot but doesn't rebuild automatically or ask me if I want to restore.


      Is there a way I can get the array to rebuild without sending this to a data recovery center? I don't have $15K to throw at this. I have looked everywhere for a solution and I can't find anything where people didn't just start from scratch.


      Thank you.