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    D875PBZ Won't Boot


      SYSTEM: Home-built PC with Intel D875PBZ mobo, 1GB Kingston RAM, 250 GB Hitachi SATA HDD, ATI AGP 8X Video, Pentium P4 3.4 GHz processor, Plextor DVD-R, floppy drive, Antec Sonata case and Tru-power 380W PSU, Win XP Pro SP3.


      SYMPTOMS:  Ran fine for five years, but now will not boot.  No video, no apparent POST, no beeps from on-board speaker.  Green mobo LED lights and red mobo DIAG LED stays on, but no apparent HDD activity, beeps, video, or other evidence of posting or booting.  Front panel orange HDD activity light and DVD Drive green light just stay solid lit, but no bzzz-bzzz from HDD.


      TRIED SO FAR:  New identical D875PBZ mobo, new identical Intel P4 3.4 processor, new AGP graphics card, tested all PSU voltages for both power connectors to board (ATX 12V and main power connector, OK), removed and isolated board while hooked up (to ensure no grounding to case), removed all components to try to get error code beeps (including memory sticks).  Tried new CMOS battery (no change); tried BIOS recovery floppy, but no apparent activity from floppy drive and no video to monitor progress anyway.


      NOT TRIED: Replacing power supply unit.


      SUGGESTIONS?: Greatly appreciated.  I loved this machine til it died, and it was pretty high end when I built it.  Not having on-board video kind of complicates things, but I would still expect error or POST beeps.  New PSU is all I can think to try at this point, but I've already spend about $200 on video, mobo, and processor that were probably all ok.  Could a failed AGP card (I tried the old card in both boards) fry the mobo? If so, I've ruined both boards.


      Thanks,  Chashood

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          I believe you have a corupt bios as bad as it may sound because its imbedded And or its your CPU as its only designed to handle up to a 3.2 GHZ Extreme not 3.4 GHZ that red light you see is a post light and that was only on a certain versions/Revision #s of the board...... were you ever trying to update the bios? also anytime you fire up your mainboard and all the fans are on cpu etc. and theres no video thats alarming and its aimed directly @ Bios settings try this get ahold of a PCI Bus video card they are ancient so it should be cheap this should be a quick turn arround for you if not the board is pretty much junk i really hate to say that because i happen to own this board and its by far the best ive ever had that said i would recomend you get ahold of another ebay has them for arround 70+.  i hope my info is helpfull to you good luck.

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            Thanks, XxZip-  Since I installed the new, replacement mobo, I have not removed the BIOS jumper from its standard position or tried to reconfigure the BIOS.  When I installed this new mobo, it still didn't work, so then I replaced the original processor (3.4GHz P4) with a new, identical processor.  The previous D875PBZ mobo plus 3.4GHz P4 processor worked great for five years before failing.  That original mobo was black and did not have the red DIAG light on board.  The new mobo (green, with a red DIAG LED, but still a D875PBZ) may be a slightly updated model originally built for Gateway from something I saw in the documentation.  I think it has suffix 303 (vs. 302 in the original) after the model number.  All this may have nothing to do with it, but I thought I'd provide the background.  I don't have a PCI video card, just the new AGP card that I bought after the system first failed.  I've always used the AGP slot for my video.  Sounds like the only things left to try (besides a third mobo and/or processor) would be: 1)Try to configure the BIOS; 2) Try a PCI video card; or, 3) Replace the power supply.  If that makes sense, in what order should I try those things?  I tried LiveChat with Intel, but they no longer support this mobo, so I couldn't get any help.  Thanks.



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              could you go into detail about the processor is the new one a prescott or northwood core its important that you dont go over its maximum cpu

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                From my original build list: Processor: Intel 3.4C-GHz: 800 MHz front side bus, Hyper Threading, Northwood core;


                From my replacement processor order (the one I just installed): Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz 512K 800MHz 478 pin CPU OEM

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                  that is your problem right there you need to drop down to either a 3.2 GHZ EE on down nothing over the 3.2 GHZ EE 800 FSB CPU  the board does not officially support it even though it worked for five years its not supported you need to go by what intel intended for the D875PBZ im correct as i have tried out different models of CPUs on the exact same platform you have.

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                    Thanks.  I went to Intel's site just to double check, and here's what I found:http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d875pbz/sb/CS-021825.htm


                    The 3.4GHz P4 appears to be supported by Intel, but maybe something's been corrupted in both the original and the replacement mobo and it no longer does.  Appreciate the info.  chashood 

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                      I had the same problem and your system sounds identical to mine. Installed new 400W power supply. Have only been up and running for 2 days, but no problems so far.

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                        Thanks, lilcrazydazymay.  That's my last resort.  I am ordering a new ATX 12V PSU today and will report back in a few days.  There's really nothing else I can think of to try at this point. Thanks again to all respondents to this post.  chashood

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                          Thanks to considerable help from respondents to this thread, including lilcrazydazymay, I successfully revived my home-built Intel D875PBZ mobo-based system this weekend.  Turned out to be the least expensive, easiest to replace part, the power supply unit (PSU).  There's a lesson there.  The new PSU is a Coolmaster 460W, ATX12V from NewEgg that had all the necessary legacy connectors and more.

                          The parts I replaced before getting to this point were the AGP video card, the motherboard, and the P4 processor.  Next time I'll start with the easiest part first, but thanks to all who helped, or I never would have gotten through this.  Keep an eye on E-Bay if you need a good Intel mobo, a 3.4 P4 processor, or a one-year old ATI vid card!  :-)  chashood