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    Skull Canyon (NUC6I7KYK) - Random Reboot.




      I've searched both the forums and google regarding this issue and was not able to find a solution that would work for me.


      My skull canyon nuc will randomly reboot, regardless of whether under load or not. It generally seems to only reboot when idle for more than 5 minutes as it has never had any issues while gaming.


      I've tried the following;

      1. Updating my BIOS (v. 42).

      2. Updating the firmware of my Samsung 950 Pro to the latest version.

      3. Resetting my BIOS settings to default.

      4. Switching the power profile in Windows 10 to maximum performance.

      5. Testing my memory with Memtest86.

      7. Monitored the temperature of the CPU which goes up to about 80 degrees under load.


      As stated above, I'm using the following;

      1. G.SKILL (F4-2800C18D-16GRS) 16GB DDR4 RAM.

      2. SAMSUNG 950 PRO 256GB M.2 SSD.