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    Creating a *new* IoT Project in Eclipse+iss-iot (Joule, Linux)




      I understand that this is the Edison forum, but there is no software dev forum for the Joule and I've been directed here previously.


      I have a C++ project that was written and designed around a different SBC that I am trying to port over to the Intel Joule. I don't see any way, using the Eclipse environment with the iss-iot integration, to create a blank project. Am I expected to begin each project by importing an example, and removing it's source code? The examples also include a JSON file with what looks to be some parameters required for Makefile generation? Is there documentation about how that's used?


      Additionally (and this may be worth its own thread, perhaps) the Eclipse IDE provides an extremely misleading environment to develop in. Even the simple Hello_World example that's provided presents syntax highlighting suggesting that the code won't compile, compiles and runs fine on the SBC, see picture below.