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    Issue after update (screen brightness, external display, etc)




      I've been having a display issue with my ASUS laptop for a while now, but I haven't been able to find any answers and I finally ended up here.

      So I've been using this laptop for about half a year now. Just a small background, it's a windows 10 laptop with Intel HD 520 and nvidia geforce gtx 950m. If anyone needs more details, please say so.

      Anyhow, everything was fine until a microsoft update at the end of August, when suddenly I couldn't adjust the screen brightness of my laptop anymore. It was fixed to maximum, and even setting it to powersaving did not change its brightness. I've tried just about everything I can find (update drive, uninstall & reinstall drive, edit directory, etc), but to no avail. But it wasn't painful to use, and I stuck with it.

      But then I recently discovered that my laptop also can't detect external displays anymore, as in HDMI and so on. Before that update I had used it several times, no problem at all. But now it won't work. I've tried it on multiple TVs, with several different cables, and nothing. And to top it off those TVs are working fine, as other computers and gaming devices work perfectly.

      Again, I've tried what I could find, including installing older drives, but still nothing.


      Please, can anyone help me with this?