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    Wierd cpu i5-2400 @ 3.1GHz temp in bios


      CPU temp rising to 93°C/199.5°F while in boot and cooling down while under full usage 100+tabs in chrome, video, web dev tools, game(in background sometimes 2) droping down but if i restart pc  and enter bios i check temp and its rising from 80°C back to 93°C in speed 0.5°C/sec the CPU coller(only double passive) is not at slighest hot to touch max 30-40°C(after non-stop usage, i dont turn off pc and all is active in background 24/7)

      is there problem with MB(part that is mesuring temp) or bios thats displaying it couse that is contradictory to laws of physics(more power is reducing temp not increasing it)?
      Could you tell me if u had any similar reports or experiences so i dont fry my cpu?


      If any more info needed let me know and il tell you.