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    Intel NUC NUC5i7RYH not able to see SATA or M.2 SSD after BIOS upgrade (and after RMA)


      Both drives and the NUC were working fine yet I was tempted to perform a BIOS update (Currently 0359)


      After the update, I was no longer to see either one of the drives. After plenty of troubleshooting, I had the NUC replaced and yet am still not able to see either drives.


      Visual BIOS > Advanced > Devices > SATA > Chipset SATA Controller Configuration is displaying the model information for both drives.


      Visual BIOS > Advanced > Devices > PCI > M.2-PCIe Slot shows "Not Populated"


      Could the BIOS upgrade have affected both drives? Both are still under warranty but I am not convinced that both could be bad.


      OS: vSphere 6.0U2


      SATA Drive:     ST2000LM003


      M.2 SSD:     TS512GMTS800



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