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    Vision Accessory Kit Camera question


      Dear *,


      i see that the Vision Accessory Kit (Vision Accessory Kit | Intel® Aero Platform for UAVs | Intel® Software ) contains two MIPI Camera modules. 8MP RGB Camera (OV8858) and VGA Camera(OV7251).


      Does those two cameras connect direct to the Intel Aero Board via MIPI ?


      I also saw that the Intel Aero Board (Compute Board for Intel®Aero | Intel® Software ) is running on Linux* 4.4.3-yocto-standard OS powered with Yocto Project* 2.1 (Krogoth).


      Does this mean that the Linux is supporting the ISP driver (atomisp) and the MIPI CSI-2 drivers for OV8858 and OV7251?


      Best Regards.