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    intel 750 ssd not recognized solution


      Wanted to share my experience on how i was getting my ssd not recognized.

      In my case it has been working for a long time however i was changing the case of my PC so had to remove and refit it in the new case.

      Bios was up to date.

      Drivers were installed on it a few weeks back.

      Tried every slot, nothing......


      Until it clicked to me that this is what i was doing wrong



      I had no idea what that first part of the SSD PCIE was, once plugged in correctly all was good.

      HOPE this saves someone

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Huzn,

          Thanks so much for posting this in our forum. We are sure this will help other users that may experience a problem with the SSD not being detected.
          If you need any further assistance or if you have any questions related to this series of SSD, do not hesitate on posting here again.