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    Intel DH55HC HD Graphics drivers issue


      Hi Everyone,

      I have built a new computer and the specifications are:

      i3-530, DH55HC, 2GB DDR3 1333MHz, 500 GB WD HDD, 450W power supply, LD Supermulti drive and LG M197WA TV monitor.

      I have loaded Xp professional 32-bit and there was no problem untill I load the chipset drivers. When I load the HD graphics for Xp, the computer continuously restarts. The only option I have is to uninstall the display drivers and the computer stays on without restarting and when I have the graphics drivers loaded I can only be in safe mode which disables it. I am connecting the monitor through VGA and also tried DVI, its the same. The computer without any warning restarts. Looking for some help in resolving the issue as the computer is only 3 days old.....

      Thanks in advance...