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    FPS Loss After CPU Upgrade


      Over the weekend, I had my cpu upgraded from the i5 4460 to the i7 4970k. After they installed it, I uppgraded my BIOs. Since, I am suffering a severe FPS drop in games. For example, I will start a game at around 120 FPS and about 15 minutes in, it will drop to between 50-60 and stay there. I have done the below troubleshooting and actions to isolate the issue to the CPU versus the GPU:


      • Monitored and validated no bottleneck in CPU
      • Monitored and validated that operating temps were ok
      • Monitored and found no apparent trigger at the time of FPS drops (voltage, cpu usage, temp etc.) using both Intel tuning and MSI afterburner
      • Swapped out the GPU and experienced same issue
      • Rolled back then reinstalled current GPU drivers
      • Cleaned registry
      • Uninstalled GeForce experience
      • Uninstalled EVGA Precision


      Based on everything I have done and tried, I am pretty sure the issue is isolated to the CPU since that is when it started and I have been able to reproduce with different hardware.


      Below are my specs:


      • GTX 1080 SC (reproduced issue on GTX 980)
      • 16GB DDR3 Corsair Dominatior RAM
      • i7 4970K
      • Samsung 850 pro SSD
      • Tried both Windows 8.1/10 with same result
      • Used both DX11 and 12 with same result
      • ASRock H81M-HDS Motherboard
      • 750W Antec Gaming PSU


      Any suggestions of what else I can do would be greatly appreciated. I am truly lost at this point and have exhausted every troubleshooting attempt I could find online. When the FPS drops, the performance at the time is always about the same, the CPU stays fairly steady between 60-80% utilized and around 65C. No cores are parked.