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    SIO Temperature stays 50c-55c idle is it normal ?



      Processor : i5-4440 3.10 Ghz, Stock Cooler

      Ram : (Corsair Vengeance 1600) running at 1333 mhz. 2 = 8gb Inserted in BLUE sockets.

      Mobo : DB85FL

      Bios : Latest flashed

      OS : Win 10 Pro 64


      Problem :


      Dear sir,


      1. I have checked in bios and os that Temps of SIO starts from 49c - 55c on IDLE

      2. CPU Core temp on Bios goes UPTO 55c, In OS it stays to 41c IDLE, Load 65c, Stock Cooler is properly fixed no problem with that.

      3. PC Restarts when set to XMP. In os it works for a while and suddenly it freezes and restarts. Checked in WIN 8, 8.1 and 10.


      Please not that :

      Cooling assistant is set to COOL (9) because i play games.

      Already replaced mobo once in warranty but problems remains same.