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    Intel Processor Confidential


      Good day everyone, well my dad bought me a Used cpu before and I was wondering why it is showing "0000" as its model number. So i tried opening my CPU and its just written as  Processor Confidential Q2BK ES A4 BV80606002616AB @ 2.4Ghz. The seller told him it was a 1st gen i7 but I checked it only has 2 cores. Can anyone identify this processor? Thank you all.

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          Hello McRonald:
          In this case if it says Intel® confidential it means that is a processor design for testing and it does not have warranty support, it was not supposed to be sold to end users, so the best thing to do right now will be to get in contact with the place of purchase to verify if they can replace for you or if they can do a refund for it.
          Any questions, please let me know.