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    Still.. blank screen issue when resuming from sleep


      Previously I posted an issue regarding to Lenovo Helix 2 blank screen issue https://communities.intel.com/thread/100297


      I finally found that the blank screen was somehow correlated to Chromium or maybe some other softwares. The reason that I no longer encountered issues previously was simply because I started to use Edge instead of Chrome after that. Recently when I started to use Chrome again, the problem came back. My observation is that if you leave Chrome open and let machine enter sleep, it is very likely that the machine has blank screen issue when resuming from sleep. The same thing happens if you leave Chromium browsers (e.g. Opera), or a video player open and enter sleep then. All UWP-based software do not have this issue though, which makes me wondering if it has something to do with the HW acceleration of these non-UWP software (since both Chromium and video player will use GPU acceleration somehow). My friend who has Surface Pro 4 is also encountering the same issue, so I think it might not even be a vendor specific issue.


      Sometimes the computer will resume from blank screen after a long time, but I found the display scaling is reset and the GUI will not work properly.


      I sincerely hope this issue can be solved in the future release of the graphic driver.....