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    Can't update i5-6600k drivers


      So I have a i5-6600k and I've been trying to update the drivers from the last few days. Seems like im missing chipset drivers something like that. So I downloaded the drivers that I could find for a 64 bits windows 7 i5-6600k on intel website but when I try to install it, it says that my system does not meet the requirements. I'm confused as to what to do...

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello drunkjesus:
          In order to better assist you we just need to verify a few details:
          What is the model of the motherboard?
          Remember that the chipset driver is provided by the manufacturer of the board, the only driver related to the processor is the graphics driver.
          So, if you need the chipset driver, or any other driver, you just need to visit the web site from the manufacturer of the board and look for the drivers in there.
          We can always assist you in doing that, we just need the information requested above.
          Any questions, please let me know.