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    i7 4770k throttle with new motherboard (MSI Z97 PC mate)


      I have a 3 years old i7 4770k that been running fine with my old motherboard. But today I have purchased a new one - MSI Z98 PC Mate. Let me start by saying that i7 4770k is very hot cpu even on stock settings. For example running linx 0.6.5 avx on my old motherboard gave max 85 degree on the hottest core with Zalman 10 Performa heatsink + Aerocool DS12 + Artic Cooling MX-4. In games and desktop I had normal low temps. I've been runining like that for 3 years with no issues untill I bent 3 cpu pins by own stupidity and had to buy a new mobo. MSI Z97 PC mate had some weird and very agreesive TDP auto settings (i think is TDP). If my CPU goes above 80 TDP it drops clock to 3500 if it will remain in 80 TDP then core clock will drop even more to 3200 Mhz which is like 300 mhz lower than my default temps. and due that I'm getting low Gflops score in Linx and Intel Burn Test and I'm affraid that this limit might affect games. Its 100% new motherboard "feature" because I never had this issues and my CPU core was always 3700Mhz no matter what TDP I had (i monitor it with AIDA64). I've already called MSi and they said this is "OK" and temperatures above 70*C are dangerious. I tried to explain that i have i7 4770k and this CPU is very hot especially in bechmark. He said this is not an issue and thefornce they can't RMA it.

      Please I've already asked on many forums and nobody seems know any answer.

      I was able to run linx and prime 95 with 85*C on 3700Mhz without any single frequence drop! Never had this issue on old motherboard. It might be some stupid feature for haswell refresh cpu that run much more colder than i7 4770k and now my frequence and ration drops to 3200Mhz! And performance too!