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    How Do you Enhance Productivity inside the Data Center

    Christopher Peters

      On Wed February 10th, I will be joined by Mike Rowan from Veridity Software in a discussion on The Future of Data Center Productivity.  When I first started thinking about this topic, I had to step back and ask myself what does productivity mean; how do you assess it, measure it and create it.  So after spending a little time on google search, i found many definitions of productivity that i used to shape my thinking.

      • metrics and measures of output from production processes
      • having the ability to produce or originate
      • relationship between output & input used in accomplishing an assigned task
      • amount of physical output for each unit of productive input
      • amount of work produced in a given period of time
      • the rate at which goods or services are produced

      In the end, my conclusion is that productivity is about how much you can get done with what you have, and given that business spends a lot of capital and operating costs each year maintaining and operating data centers, maximizing productivity of those investments is important.

      Join Mike and I in a lively discussion on Wed (register) or comment below or in the Intel IT community