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    Cleaning up an Edison image


      I'm not going to use any of the high level tools bundled with the Edison build.


      How can I get a clean system to start from?


      By clean I mean a minimal set of installed packages where all I got is the shell and wifi.

      Most important at first is to not have any interfering daemons. Right now I can see an error message about /opt/edison/launcher.sh every second using journalctl.

      Thus without all SDK:s, runtimes and demos.


      At first I want to achieve this starting from the default image.

      Running "opkg remove" to remove all extra packages.

      Is there a list of all extra packages that safely can be removed without breaking ssh connectivity?


      Later I want to build my own image. Here I guess I would start from the build scripts for the Edison image where I remove those packages I don't want, then again which ones are safe to remove there.


      Perhaps there is already a clean base image with a build script that generates this clean start?

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          You may want to browse (if you have not done so already): Build Intel Edison Yocto Image From Scratch  I cannot confirm the steps since I rely on the Developer kit(s) for my work.



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            Hello Peter-H,
            Thanks for reaching out!
            You will have to remove a lot of packages to only have Wi-Fi and the terminal. There is no list that specifies the packages that can be safely removed from Edison and that leaves Wi-Fi fully functional. Nevertheless, you are safe to assume that you must leave wpa_supplicant and its dependencies alone while you can safely remove packages such as bluez, gstreamer, alsa and clloader. Some other packages you will definitely have to leave on your Edison are openssh and its dependencies.
            So, you will have to search the dependencies you require and leave just them and their dependencies.
            I hope this information helps you.

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              This is not a complete list.

              opkg remove speex swig pulseaudio* node* redis mdns ofono mosquitto --force-removal-of-dependent-packages

              rm /etc/modules-load.d/g_multi.conf

              Rebooted the device and it still works.

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                Hi Peter-H,

                Thank you for sharing the steps you have taken so far with the community, they might be of help for other users.

                Also, if you are not using the XDK daemon, mraa or upm, you can uninstall them, they will also help.

                I encourage you to continue with your project and post your updates here. If you run into any issues we'll try help you.