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    DDR3 RAM Parameter Value


      Hello Everyone;


      We are developing custom board based on Quark x1000 but still we have some query regarding DDR3 memory selection.


      1 ) Quark-x1000 support only 800Mhz DDR3 memory?


      2 ) which are the software changes require if we select the 1066MHz DDR3 RAM?


      3) We find some Details regarding the configuration of DDR3 RAM in sample-platform-data.ini file. This file is required to add the platform data into Flash Binary.we have done some analysis but we cant understand the below parameters value:


      • data[16-19]-tRAS  = 7c920000
      • data[1A-1D]-tRAS = 10270000
      • data[1E-21]-tRAS = 10270000
      • data[22-25]-tRAS = 40960000


      Please help us to solve the above queries as soon as possible?


      Thanks in advance.