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    Intel Edison - Yocto - SSL /CaCerts Issue.


      I am working with Intel Edison + Amazon AWS to send the sensor reading to the Amazon IoT.

      Using the by yocto linux shipped with the board.

      Using the Aws IoT Java client code.(GitHub - aws/aws-iot-device-sdk-java: Java SDK for connecting to AWS IoT from a device. )


      I have created a Java JAR, which uses PAHO MQTT Client on JAVA to send MQTT messages to the Amazon IoT Service.

      The Issue is -- When I run the JAR on Intel edison. I get the following error:


      After doing my share of research. I have come to know that that ::: The error is due the reason that the JAVA 'Truststore' does not contain the required CA-Certificates installed for SSL to function. Ca-Certs are there in Edison, but not installed in the Java trust store.

      Can anyone help me resolve this issue.

      I am wondering why anyone else did not get this issue.