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    2560x1440 1440hz on on Intel Graphics HD 520 with Optimus


      Hello all,


      I recently bough a g-sync monitor that is spec'd as 2560x1440 at 144hz and plug into my laptops mini-displayport 1.2 port (cable goes from mini to full size). Intel Graphics options allow me to bring the displays refresh rate up to 144hz in the options but when put anything above 85hz the display keep flickering and the Intel Graphics driver continuously crashes. When I try in the Windows display settings I get the same result. I am also having the Intel drivers crash when I even change in game settings to 144hz even though it is specifically using the dedicated graphics card.

      Here is some additional relevant information for troubleshooting purposes:

      Intel Graphics Driver version:

      CPU: Core i7-6700QH

      GPU: GTX 970m

      Laptop Model: MSI GS60 ghost pro 4k 6th gen

      Monitor: Acer Predator XB271HK



      After seeing what has been happening, I am very convinced this setup wont work and either will g-sync so I pretty much go screwed on the monitor