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    Intel NUC5PPYB - Streaming Flash Video - Choppy


      Hi There,


      I recently purchased a Intel NUC5PPYB to use as a home theatre PC.  I'm able to play local video and Youtube videos with no issue.  However, any website that has any kind of flash video is unwatchable.  It's extremely choppy.  I've tried the following for troubleshooting:


      Updated Adobe Flash

      Updated graphics driver

      Switched from HDMI to VGA Output

      Increased the video card's memory allocation in the BIOS

      Updated BIOS

      Installed Windows 8, then Windows 10, then Ubuntu.  Same issue all around.

      Disabled the 'PepperFlash' plugin in Google Chrome - this speeds up the video, but then I lose sound (in all OS's)


      Is there anything else I can possibly try here?  I bought this as an HTPC and it's extremely unfortunate that I can't use it as such.  I've spent hours trying to fix the issue with no success.