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    SRCSASBB8I second volume




      I have a 2 disk raid1 SAS volume on my server with this raid card. Can I create a SATA RAID on that server




      146x2 SAS (RAID1)


      What I want



      146x2 SAS (RAID1)


      500x2 SATA (RAID1)



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          Of course, you can create a sata raid using the sas controller.


          But! Make sure you are aware of this


          When SATA and SAS drives are mixed in the same backplane/enclosure, inter-operability can arise. Strange issues have been encountered by several vendors when doing so.


          The main problem is that sata and sas have different voltage levels. Some system integrators can boost the sata's voltage by using interposers.


          If you look at the hardware user guide for the controller, you will find this statement.


          The SAS controller allows you to use SATA II and SAS hard disk drives in the same system, so you can take advantage of the benefits of each type of drive; however, Intel does not recommend mixing SAS and SATA II drives in the same enclosure.


          Note: you may get an error message from Intel Raid Web Console 2 if doing so as well:
          189 : SAS/SATA mixing not supported in enclosure;


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