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    No Audio from HDMI Out - Board DH87MC


      I am using a computer connected to 2 monitors in parallel (cloned).

      My old computer had a Nvidia graphic card with DVI and HDMI outputs. I had audio out from the speakers and the HDMI out simultaneously.

      Now I replaced my computer to one with DH87MC motherboard. No graphic card except the one on the board.

      Same 2 Monitors same HDMI cable.

      Latest BIOS latest Audio drivers downloaded from Intel.

      Windows 10   X64

      I have 2 simultaneously video on both monitors.

      No audio from the monitor connected to the HDMI output. Even as a stand alone monitor.

      I think that I have tried any advice that I read in this forum. I changes settings in the Audio driver and Bios. Nothing helps.

      Before I give up and buy a new Nvidia graphic card (because I think that my board has a physical problem with the audio part)

      I would like to here some opinions or get some advise or solution to this issue.


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          First of all, the onboard (RealTek) audio solution is NOT used to support HDMI audio. HDMI and Display Port audio support is contained within the processor. Secondly, if you were to install an add-in graphics card, the processor's graphics and audio subsystems are disabled and the add-in card's graphics and audio subsystems are enabled instead. In older graphics cards, no audio subsystem was provided. If the card included a HDMI output, it would typically have a connector that allowed audio from the board's onboard audio solution to be input (via a cable from the board's SPDIF connector) and then passed through to the card's HDMI connector.


          Ok, regarding your problem. First, have you checked to ensure that HDMI/Display Port Audio is enabled in BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS)? This parameter is typically found in the Devices - Onboard Devices configuration scene. If you find that it is not enabled, do the following:


          1. Enable it.
          2. Exit from Visual BIOS saving the configuration.
          3. After booting into WIndows, reinstall the latest Intel HD Graphics driver package again (the Intel Display Audio driver is included within this package and will be installed along with it).
          4. If this package asks for a reboot, great, let it. If it doesn't, however, manually do a reboot yourself.
          5. When you come back into Windows, the HDMI Audio should automatically be selected as the default.


          If you receive no audio or you found that it was already enabled in Visual BIOS, look at the following items:


          1. Verify that the HDMI cable that you are using is compliant with the HDMI 1.4a specification. If it is not, you will need to replace it.
          2. Right-click on the Volume Icon in the System Tray and select Playback Devices. Verify that the Intel Display Audio entry is selected as the default.


          Hope this helps,


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            Intel Corporation
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            Excellent information from Scott. Please follow his recommendations.
            Please bear in mind that your motherboard model does not have driver support for Windows®10.
            See the list of supported operating system: 


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              Thanks Scott and Allan

              I Installed the latest Video and Audio drivers

              Of course the HDMI Audio is enabled on the BIOS

              Still I cannot hear the Audio from the HDMI out.

              I tried another TV set with another HDMI cable. Same result - Good video No Audio

              The strange thing though is that on the playback device settings I can see The Green bar moving when I push test but I do not hear the sound.

              I do not think that my problem is connected to windows 10. It is something with the mortarboard/

              My next step is to buy a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and try the DP output.

              I do not know what else to do.



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                Have you tested the same configuration under Windows®7/8/8.1? This will let you know if the operating system is the culprit. 


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                  Problem Solved !

                  I installed a Nvidia GEforce GT 710 Display card and disabled the on board Graphics.

                  Now I have Audio on my 2 screens simultaneously

                  Thanks Scott and Allan for trying to help


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                    That's great. I am glad to hear you have fixed this problem.